Your Steps Create Their Own Fortune

This year, I don’t want to hear any one say to me, “they wish they could” or other phrases of limitations; no, not in 2017.  This year, let’s retrain our minds to see our dreams as the birthing of our inevitable achievements.  Let’s allow the fear and discouragement that cramps our passions and ideas to turn into hope and maybe hope into faith.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be the key note speaker at a graduation service.  The institution was an alternative high school for students who, for whatever reason, were being left behind in normal high school settings.  The school is located in Trench Town, which is one of the poorest and most violent communities in Kingston, Jamaica.  These students did not have acceptance letters to universities, their network was limited, and in fact their education thus far was mediocre, at best.  The teachers tried, but by the time they got the students, the work was more about instilling confidence than it was educational.  I thought long and hard about what message I needed to impart to these teenagers.  They were so young and so happy. They knew they were poor.  They knew they had not received the best education.  Yet the look in their eyes was hope-filled and I needed to encourage that.  So as the preachers say, they needed a WORD.  I prayed about it, and I felt like I had an epiphany of sorts.   One of the thoughts I shared with them that day was “Your Steps Create Their Own Fortunes”.   I wasn’t trying to be dismissive of the realities of their lives.  In fact, the message was more poignant because of their circumstances.   They had no other choice.  Their only hope was to take a chance on themselves.  A leap of faith to fulfill their dreams.  A step- to begin the walk towards their own fortunes.

There is much power in one step.  It realigns your posture and position.  Your perspective changes.  Others’ perspective of you changes too.  One step brings you closer to your destiny and reveals to the world that you are about: that you are purposeful, motivated and demanding.  One step brings you closer to the help you will need to achieve your goals.  It shows the clarity of your vision or enlightens the path for the other steps you need to take.  Yes, steps generate energy, something must happen.

I thought that message was just for these students, but it was for me too.  My mantra for the last 2 years has been “Your Steps create their own fortunes.”  So, in 2016, I decided to move on one of my dreams, which was opening my own firm.  I found a nice office space, in a very central location and would you know, things are happening.  In fact, its moving faster than I expected.  I have inspired myself.  I am going to take more steps.

I can only hope that the young ladies that did a recital at that graduation service heard how powerful their voices were and did not quiet them. That the valedictorian did more than what his surroundings taught him.  I hope those students took steps, not to merely survive, but to live the way their dreams showed them.

Have you thought about all the ideas you had that someone eventually jumped on? Do you remember the excuses you told yourself that prevented you from taking steps?  Trust me, everyone has doubts, but only those who take a step create fortune.

Happy New Year









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