I have aha moments all the time. Like some meme jokes people send me that I finally “get” days later. Yes, laugh out loud, and rolling, but embarrassingly late. Most times my epiphanies are little things like those: jokes, intuitions, moments of clarity. But the aha moments that get me real excited comes when I am lying in bed, the lights are off, and I hear the Holy Spirit explain something to me about Jesus in literally one second. Something profoundly simple. Now my brain is exploding with this new knowledge while I am praising God for being so awesome. ┬áHas that every happen to you? Has the Holy spirit every sparked such energy in you that you can’t even contain yourself? So much power, you want to share that moment with someone else? Well, me too. And that’s why I have decided to create Spark. A place where stories, thoughts and conversations about our aha moments can be shared and celebrated. Hopefully our sparks will ignite something great.